• Fight of the year 15 dvd collection (FOTY 1956 - 2010)

This 15 dvd collection consists of the majority of the fight of the year bouts from 1956 to present!

This is a great collection and will show the greatest fight over the last half century.
A great addition to any fans collection.

The fights included are as follows:


1956 to 2010

disc 1carmen basilio v johnny saxton welterweight 1956

Muhammad Ali V Sonny Liston ,Heavyweight 1964

Carlos Monzon V Nino Benvenuti Middleweight 1970

Joe Fraser V Muhammad Ali Heavyweight 1971.


Disc 2

Bob foster V Chris Finnegan Light Heavyweight 1972

George Forman V Joe Frazer Heavyweight 1973

Muhammad Ali V George Forman Heavyweight 1974

Muhammad Ali V Joe Frazer Heavyweight 1975.


Disc 3

George Forman V Ron Lyle Heavyweight 1976

Jimmy Young V George Forman Heavyweight 1977

Leon Spinks V Muhammad Ali Heavyweight 1978

Danny Lopez V Mike Ayala Featherweight 1979.

Disc 4.

Matthew Saad Muhammad V Yaqui Lopez Lightweight 1980

Sugar Ray Leonard V Thomas Hearns Welterweight 1981

Disc 5.

Bobby Chacon V Rafael Limon Super featherweight 1982

Bobby Chacon V Cornelius Boza-Edwards Super featherweight 1983

Jose Luis Ramirez V Edwin Risario Lightweight 1984.

Disc 6-

Marvin Hagler V Thomas Hearns Middleweight 1985

Stevie Cruz V Barry Mcguigan Featherweight 1986

Sugar Ray Leonard V Marvin Hagler Middleweight 1987.

Disc 7-

Tony Lopez V Rocky Lockridge Super featherweight

Roberto Duran V Iran Barkley Middleweight

Disc 8-

Julio Ceaser Chavez V Meldrick Taylor Light welterweight 1990

Robert Quioga V Akeem Anifowoshie Super fly weight 1991

Riddick Bowe V Evander Holyfield Heavyweight 1992

Disc 9-

Micheal Carbajal V Humberto Gonzalez Light flyweight 1993

Jorge Castro V John David Jackson Middleweight 1994

Saman Sorjaturong V Humberto Gonzalez Light flyweight 1995.

Disc 10-

Evander Holyfield V Mike Tyson Heavy weight 1996

Arturo Gatti V Gabriel Ruelas Super featherweight 1997

Ivan Robinson V Arturo Gatti lightweight 1998.

Disc 11-

Paulie Ayala V Johnny Tapia Bantamweight 1999

Erik Morales V Marco Antonio Barrera Super bantmweight 2000

Disc 12-

Micky Ward V Emanuel Burton Light welterweight 2001

Micky Ward V Arturo Gatti Light welterweight 2002

Arturo Gatti V Micky Ward Light welterweight 2003.

Disc 13-

Marco Antonio Barrera V Erik Morales Featherweight 2004

Diego Corrales V Jose Luis Castillo Lightweight 2005

Disc 14-

Somsak Sithchatchawal V Mahyar Monshipour Super Bantamweight 2006

Israel Vasquez V Rafael Marquez Super Bantamweight 2007

Disc 15-

Israel Vasquez V Rafael Maequez Super Bantamweight 2008

Juan Manuel Marquez V Juan Diaz Lightweight 2009

Giovanni Segura V Ivan Calderon Light flyweight 2010.

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Fight of the year 15 dvd collection (FOTY 1956 - 2010)

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