• 45 Fantastic fights.

Unarmed combat is as old as mankind itself, making boxing one of the oldest sports that still exists today.

Boxing faced crucial changes in 1867.
Gloves were introduced, scoring would be by three minute rounds and the referee had ultimate authority.

It was the eighth Marquis of Queensbury that was instrumental in creating these changes to the sport and so it was, that in 1884 that the first World Championship was held under ‘Queensbury Rules’.

The highly entertaining and informative DVD highlights the ‘middle ages’ of the ‘Queensbury era’ focusing on the Champion boxers in their respective weight divisions.

’45 Fantastic Fights of the Century’ does not just include bouts of the great Heavyweights, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano and Jack Dempsey, the great Middleweights, Sugar Ray Robinson and Carmen Basilio but also provides you with an encyclopaedia of information on each and every boxer featured on the DVD.

Don’t just watch the first Black Champion, Jack Johnson, in action and the great contest between Sugar Ray Robinson and Carl ‘Bobo’ Olson, but read about whether Max Schmeling really was a Nazi and why many considered Joe Louis to be ‘The Greatest of them all’.

’45 Fantastic Fights of the Century’ is a must for every true boxing fan, a wealth of visual entertainment and historical trivia.

********DVD Features***********

*58 Chapters allowing you to go each individual fight
*13 Chapters of Biographies of 52 Boxers
*Contains both Black & White and colour footage
*Aspect Ratio: 4:3
*Audio: Mono

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45 Fantastic fights.

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