• Ali vs Parkinson trilogy (interviews)

This dvd contains all 3 of the Ali interviews with Micheal Parkinson from 1974 to 1981.

The famously articulate Muhammad Ali launched into an extraordinary tirade — even by his standards — when Parkinson challenged him on the nature of his religious beliefs. This so surprised the presenter (as he'd thought it to be an innocuous question) that he became lost for words during the first interview!

The interviews show Ali in his true light, and although at sometimes during the interviews you can see and feel the anger, you cant help but like him!

Also included is the rare Terry Wogan show (presented by Joanna Lumley) with Ali, Frazier, and Foreman.
Although when in there prime these three were bitter rivals you can see that now they are great friends!

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Ali vs Parkinson trilogy (interviews)

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